How to use FTP from within Firefox

In order for Firefox to use FTP a plug in must be added. This is very simple and only requires a few steps.

  1. Download and install FireFTP. After the installation a reboot of Firefox is necessary.(Dont worry your pages will go back exacty where you left off.)
  2. Launch FireFTP by selecting Tools -> FireFTP.
  3. It will open in a new Firefox tab. To add an FTP site to FireFTP, select the Create an account drop-down.

  4. On the Main tab enter the in the Host field.
    Enter your User Name and Password. Click OK.

  5. To connect to the site you just added to FireFTP, click the Connect button.

  6. And now you’ll sign in to the FTP site.
  7. To upload a file or folder (or multiple files and folders), select them from the list of files on your hard drive, and click the upload button.

  8. When the upload is complete, the files and folders will now appear on Gibbs Machine Corp FTP site.